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The Public Relations Team is responsible for communication between the Linux-VServer project and its users. Public relations tasks involve:


User Relations

User Relations' main function is to act as a facilitator between people engaged with the Linux-VServer project. User Relations takes the initiative in soliciting feedback from users and developers, creating surveys on relevant issues, promoting the distribution to individuals and groups, and fostering cross-project interaction.

The project also offers a point of contact between the development and user communities. It looks at ways of keeping advanced users and prospective developers informed about the development community, and encourages relations between the two communities.

Release Engineering

The goals of Release Engineering are to continually improve the quality, timeliness and overall procedures for creating official Linux-VServer releases, as well as acting as the official coordinators regarding announcements. Release Engineering is very much focused on ensuring that the initial quality of every official release is as high as possible, and that the experience is as positive for as many of our users as possible.

Press Releases

A press release is a written statement distributed to the media. It is a fundamental tool of public relations. The text of a release is usually (but not always) written in the style of a news story, with an eye-catching headline and text written standard journalistic style. Usually the Linux-VServer project only sends press releases (announcements) for new releases or substantial changes in infrastructure. Below is a list of announcement the Linux-VServer project has made so far.

03 Sep 2006 Linux-VServer project Announces New Stable Release and New Website

Core Members

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